Better Shopp is all about improving and optimizing your Shopp e-commerce site for both you and your customers. I want you to get the most out of your Shopp experience. Shopp is a very powerful and versatile e-commerce platform leaving it up to you – the merchant – to learn how to customize it to your needs or to hire a webdesigner/shopp professional to do it for you. I am that person.


I am Ben Andersen and I have been working as a professional Support representative for Ingenesis – the creators of Shopp – since 2012. As a support rep I have solved big and small problems for 1700+ Shopp e-commerce sites from all corners of the world. When not working with Shopp, I do webdesign or help my wife with her shopp selling organic clothes. I’m also investing a lot of time in voluntary work related to sustainability as I think this is extremely important for us and coming generations. Some of the organizations I work with are Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, Green Map System, Conscious Consumption Sweden. I also enjoy StreetBank as a more conscious and social way of consuming or not consuming. I prefer Free Open Source Software and have been using Ubuntu/Linux exclusively for my consulting business since 2004.

You can hire me to do a variety of tasks. All my pre-packaged deals and pre-orders for common tasks can be viewed in my webshop for webshops.