Afraid to upgrade Shopp?

Get a professional to update your Shopp plugin

Get a professional to update your Shopp

I agree, it can be scary. Maybe you rely on the revenue your webshop gives you and can’t afford for it to break. Maybe you don’t have the time to dig into issues after an upgrade and can’t afford to wait for information on how to mitigate the issues.

In any case, BetterShopp comes to the rescue.

Here is my offer for a Risk Free Shopp Upgrade.

I have the knowledge you need to safely upgrade your Shopp install and handle any issues after an install in a timely manner. I’m a permanent member of the Shopp support staff since 2012 and I’ve successfully handled 1300+ Shopp issues during the years. I contribute to the Shopp core code. And I’ve developed and upgraded many sites using Shopp as the WordPress E-commerce plugin.

Don’t just press that update button if you want to play it safe. The least you can do is make a complete backup so you can easily restore in case of disaster. And if possible make the upgrade on a staging site and test it out before going live. I always do that before upgrading a site.

Upgrading from Shopp 1.x or 1.2? No problem, I’m used to issues with older versions of Shopp.

Now is a good time to upgrade Shopp before the Christmas sales is here. Then you really need a stable Shopp with the latest security patches in place.

I also do Shopp Customizations. Do you have a few things you wish your Shopp could do? Just ask me for a quote.

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