Shopp and WordPress 3.7

UPDATE! There is now a fix for the issue with Shopp and WordPress 3.7. Drop the following code into your theme’s functions.php file:[code type=php]
add_action(‘shopp_storefront_init’, ‘shopp_storefront_wp37_compat’);

function shopp_storefront_wp37_compat() {
add_filter(‘archive_template’, array(ShoppStorefront(), ‘pages’));

Do not upgrade to the latest version of WordPress if you’re using Shopp. If you do, the storefront URL breaks. WordPress 3.7 was released yesterday and the Shopp developers are on the task of fixing the issues.

If you already upgraded WordPress you can downgrade it to make your Shopp work again.

7 easy steps to downgrade WordPress

  1. Make a complete backup using Backupbuddy or similar.
  2. Get the older WordPress version. Or get WordPress 3.6.1 without wp-content folder so you don’t accidentally overwrite any customizations to the default themes.
  3. Go to plugins and deactivate all plugins.
  4. Log out your WordPress user.
  5. Delete wp-admin and wp-includes folder. (DO NOT DELETE /wp-content folder!)
  6. Copy all the WordPress files and folders except wp-content from the older WordPress version. Do not copy wp-content folder.
  7. Login to your WordPress dashboard and click on “Update WordPress Database”.

You have now successfully downgraded WordPress. You should now see “You are using WordPress 3.6.1”.

If you have any trouble with this or anything else dealing with your WordPress and Shopp install you’re welcome to hire me for help.

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