Bulk import products

    • Bulk import products


Do you have a lot of products to add to your shopp but no time to sit down and create the products in the shopp backend? If you have most of the information about the products in a textfile of some format I can help you import them. You can enter mostly anything that is available in shopp like categories, tags, details&specs, variations, addons, stock value, prices etc. This way you can get thousands of products into your shopp quickly and easily. Just make a few descisions and let me handle the rest. It doesn’t matter if you already have products in your shopp or if it’s completely empty.

How it works

  1. I get back to you asking for the product information of the products you need imported
  2. If you agree to the charge I start the work as soon as you paid

Note! In some cases it’s just impossible to estimate the time a task will take. In those cases I will need to ask you for a down payment and then bill you the rest when the service is completed.

With my experience from helping over 1700 different e-commerce sites running Shopp I can take your e-commerse site to the next level where it starts serving you like it should.

All communication is encrypted through my helpdesk so your login credentials etc are safe and I encourage you to delete temporary logins and change passwords afterwards.

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