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Is there something in your shop you would like to change? Almost anything in the deisgn and functionality of Shopp can be changed. It can be a small thing like display the product summary in the catalog view or maybe you would like to present your categories instead of products on the storefront. Or why not add tracking for Google Analytics for your sales.

How it works

  1. I get back to you with a price for the changes
  2. If you agree to the charge I start the implementation as soon as you paid

Note! In some cases it’s just impossible to estimate the time a task will take. In those cases I will need to ask you for a down payment and then bill you the rest when the service is completed.

I try not to make any core changes that will be lost in the next upgrade of Shopp. If such changes are needed I will contact you before I make any such changes. If you decide to go ahead with the changes I will document them rigorous so they can be applied after a later upgrade of Shopp.

With my experience from helping over 1700 different e-commerce sites running Shopp I can take your e-commerse site to the next level where it starts serving you like it should.
All communication is encrypted through my helpdesk so your login credentials etc are safe and I encourage you to delete temporary logins and change passwords afterwards.

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