Shopp Review

    • Shopp Review


Usually a lot can be done to enhance and maximize the success of your WordPress e-commerce solution.
Just to mention a few things that I go through when I review your site:

  • usability
  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • security
  • performance
  • design
  • tracking of sales
  • social integration
  • marketing

How it works

  1. I get back to you with some questions to help me understand your goals.
  2. I make a review of the front and backend of your WordPress Shopp site.
  3. You get a full report with detailed suggestions of what can be improved. Depending on your skills you can do all or some of the changes yourself.

Plus! You get a $10 voucher that you can use for any of my other services.

With my experience in helping overĀ 1700 different e-commerce sites all over the world, I can take your e-commerse site to the next level where it starts serving you like it should.

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