Upgrade Shopp

    • Upgrade Shopp

$150.00 — $350.00

If you’re running an outdated version of Shopp you should really consider upgrading as soon as possible.
Just to mention a few things you gain by upgrading:

  • better performance – the performance of shopp has increased significantly in the later releases
  • better security – running an outdated version can potentially lead to your webshop being hacked and even frauds of your customers
  • bugs fixed – with every release of Shopp issues are fixed
  • new features – with every major release of Shopp new features are added which enhances the e-commerce experience

Risk free upgrade! I do all the work on a staging site to minimize downtime. AND if you experience any problems within a week from when the upgrade was finished and decide to downgrade I will restore your site to exactly as it was before the upgrade without any additional charge.

Upgrading of your e-commerce site can be daunting and also lead to unpredicted problems due to different environments and setups. From a support ticket in the Shopp helpdesk: “I upgraded from version 1.0.17 to 1.2.8. Now the products, orders, and other information do not show up in the Shopp plugin”. This particular user didn’t have a backup and had to start over and re-enter everything in his Shopp.

Updating of Shopp template files (wp-content/your-theme/shopp) is included in this service. Between some versions of Shopp the API has changed which means if you’ve customized the Shopp templates the files will need changes. I do a manual merge making sure your customizations are preserved AND new Shopp features gets included in the upgrade. Note that customizations directly in your theme are not included in this service but can be added for an extra fee if needed.

Please contact me in case you have any questions.

How it works

  1. I get back to you with some questions
  2. I make a full backup of your site which I save for a month before I destruct it
  3. I upgrade Shopp on a staging site including all officially supported Shopp add-ons on
  4. I make all changes needed on the staging site making sure everything works
  5. I then implement the changes on your live website with a maintenance screen activated
  6. I test through your site including a completed sale to make sure everything is working
  7. I notify you when the upgrade is finished and include a full report with useful information and suggestions

With my experience from helping over 1700 different e-commerce sites I can make a safe upgrade of your Shopp site.
Note that I do not take responsibility for customizations to the core functionality of Shopp when upgrading.
Note also that upgrading sometimes means the exact same behavior can’t be maintained.
If you’re not running the latest version of WordPress you need to either add the option to let me do it or upgrade it prior to my upgrade of Shopp. Note that I don’t take responsibility for upgrading other plugins than Shopp and officially supported Shopp add-ons by Ingenesis.

All communication is encrypted through my helpdesk so your login credentials etc are safe and I encourage you to delete temporary logins and change passwords afterwards.

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