WordPress 4.4 breaks Shopp [Fixed!]

WordPress 4.4 with Shopp1.3.9Do not upgrade to WordPress 4.4 at this time if you’re using Shopp! You will get fatal errors when trying to use the Shopp backend. The Shopp dev team are working fixing this issue and Shopp 1.3.10 will be released shortly.

If you accidentaly upgraded to WordPress 4.4 you can downgrade it to 4.3.1.

  1. Backup your whole site, database + files to be on the safe side, I always use BackupBuddy for this task.
  2. Download WP 4.3.1 from WP release archive.
  3. Unzip it.
  4. Upload all files replacing the current files on your server.
  5. Check that everything works as expected.

If you need help with rescuing your Shopp site you’re welcome to contact me!

I provide maintenance & security packages for Shopp sites with software updates included. As I work on the Shopp helpdesk and keep track of issues like this I save my customers a lot of time and headache.

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